Fixed Angle Nozzle Body Adaptor


Recent developments in pesticide application regulations have added pressure to applicators to keep pesticides from drifting onto non targeted areas. Many products have entered the market working toward this goal; however, some of them are not currently compatible.


Many of the newest low drift nozzles on the market have a slightly angled pattern offset from a traditionally vertical pattern. Recent unprecedented federal regulations from the EPA require these low drift nozzles with newly labeled herbicides. Because of these new requirements applicators are adopting new nozzle technology that often have an angled instead of vertical pattern.


The problem comes when hoods are used with angled low drift nozzles. The nozzle spray pattern hits the sides of the hoods before reaching the targeted plants. Current efforts to mitigate this problem involve permanently tilting the entire boom to compensate for this angle. This solution comes with its own problems. By permanently fixing the boom at a specific angle, applicators cannot use any other more appropriate nozzle throughout the season. This essentially requires applicators to dedicate equipment to higher regulated chemistries which is not an economical solution.


The fixed angle nozzle to nozzle body adaptor creates a specified bend between a vertically aligned nozzle body and an angled nozzle pattern to compensate and vertically align its pattern. This adaptor would greatly broaden the nozzle options that sprayers with hoods have to select from when trying to comply with EPA regulations because any low drift nozzle could be used as though it has a vertical pattern. The adaptor can also be used with non-hooded sprayers for nozzle adjustment to increase output and canopy penetration.


The fixed angle nozzle to nozzle body adaptor is a more versatile, more cost effective, and a more reliable solution to adjusting spray pattern angle on modern pesticide sprayers.  Current solutions for making angled adjustment require new nozzles, permanent boom modification, and/or limit the sprayer's flexibility after modification. Using a quick connector system common to the industry, the adaptor is quickly added to the boom with no modifications. The nozzle is similarly mounted with no modifications. This simple instillation also allows for quick removal when another nozzle is required. This is not possible with current boom modification solutions.


Patent Information:
App Type Country Serial No. Patent No. File Date Issued Date Expire Date
Provisional United States 62/515,221 6/5/2017   6/5/2018
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