Blueberry Plant named Norman (A-272)



‘Norman’ was developed in the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture Fruit Breeding Program. Testing was done at the University locations in Fayetteville and Clarksville, as well as other locations in the United States. It has shown good adaptation to all locations with 500-600 or more hours of chilling.


‘Norman’ is a progeny of the broadly adapted cultivar Legacy. It has excellent fruit quality, with exceptional firmness of berries at harvest and following storage. It is medium-large, averaging 1.8 g/berry. It has been rated very high for fruit color, flavor, and picking scar.


First harvest at Clarksville (approximately 10% ripe) was usually June 5-7, about 5 days after ‘Bluecrop’ and 8 days before ‘Ozarkblue’.


Yields have been good in Arkansas testing, usually comparable to ‘Bluecrop’, ‘Ozarkblue’, and ‘Summit’. Yields have been reduced in some years due to early bud swell and spring frost damage. Budswell date averaged February 17 at Clarksville, compared to March 10 to 15 for ‘Bluecrop’ and ‘Ozarkblue’.


The chilling requirement has not been fully determined for ‘Norman’, but it is lower chill than ‘Bluecrop’ and ‘Ozarkblue’. It likely has a chilling requirement of 500 to 600 hours.


‘Norman’ offers a high-quality, mid-late season option for growers to consider in diversifying cultivar choices.

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