Nectarine - Westbrook



Date of Release - 2000; U.S. Plant Patent #12,622

Type - Yellow, melting flesh, cling.

Fruit Maturity Date - June 13

Fruit Size - Medium-small, ave. 84 g.

Skin Color - Mostly red, with red blush covering more than 80% of the skin, very attractive.

Flesh Color – bright yellow with a little red pigment.

Flavor, Sweetness - Very good flavor for very early season; 10.7% soluble solids.

Fruit Firmness - Moderate, but softens at full maturity.

Bloom Date - March 26.

Bacterial Spot Resistance - Resistant, and this disease never observed on fruits.

Comments - Westbrook is intended for commercial production for local sales and pick-your-own marketing as a very early season, high-flavored variety option. Shipping is not recommended. Fully ripe fruits have been observed to have skin breakdown when exposed to rainy conditions. Split pits are not commonly observed on this cultivar as seen in other early ripening cultivars.


Patent Information:
App Type Country Serial No. Patent No. File Date Issued Date Expire Date
Plant United States 09/689,127 PP12,622 10/13/2000 5/14/2002 12/29/2020
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