Nectarine - Bradley



Date of Release - 2000; plant patent #12,620

Type - Yellow, non-melting flesh, cling.

Fruit Maturity Date - June 29

Fruit Size - Medium-large, average 146 g.

Skin Color - Red and orange mix, with red blush covering approx. 60% of the skin.

Flavor, Sweetness - Good, with some processing peach type-related flavor,11.6 % soluble solids.

Fruit Firmness - Firm, and maintains good firmness near full maturity.

Bloom Date - March 22.

Bacterial Spot Resistance - Resistant, and this disease very rarely seen on fruits.

Comments - Bradley is the largest-fruited of the Arkansas releases thus far. Its flavor is not as fully "nectarine" as the others but is considered good in all ratings. It has very firm fruit and should handle well after harvest compared to many melting-flesh nectarines.


Patent Information:
App Type Country Serial No. Patent No. File Date Issued Date Expire Date
Plant United States 09/687,120 PP12,620 10/13/2000 5/14/2002 1/1/2021
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