Peach - Souvenirs (A-763)



Date of Release - 2012

Type - Yellow, slow-melting flesh, freestone. Fruit

Maturity Date - July 6 average first ripe date, near ‘Redhaven’.

Fruit Size – Large; 183 grams average; similar to ‘White Rock’ and ‘White County’ but not as large as ‘Loring’.

Skin Color – 90% of surface covered in red blush over a yellow-orange ground color providing exceptional skin color.

Flavor, Sweetness – Low-acid, exceptional flavor, sweet with average 15.3% soluble solids

Fruit Firmness – Very firm, but softens when fully mature, considered slow-melting type.

Bloom Date – March 23 average full bloom.

Bacterial Spot Resistance - Moderate resistance, occasionally seen on leaves but no economic damage on fruits.

Comments – Souvenirs is an early-midseason ripening, freestone, slow-melting, very sweet, low-acid, yellow-fleshed peach with good storage potential and bacterial spot resistance.


Patent Information:
App Type Country Serial No. Patent No. File Date Issued Date Expire Date
Plant United States 13/998,203 PP26,920 10/10/2013 7/12/2016 9/5/2034
Fruit Crops
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