Table Grape - Gratitude (Ark. 2505)



Type and Color - Seedless table grape; white (green) at maturity.

Date of Release - 2012

Berry Flavor - Neutral flavor, similar to Vitis vinifera table grapes; soluble solids averages 19%.

Berry Size - Medium, 3.5 grams average.

Berry Texture - Non-slipskin; exceptionally crisp; very thin skinned.

Cluster Size - Large; often over 500 grams with very tight clusters.

Yield - Moderate.

Maturity Date - Late August, near Neptune.

Hardiness - Moderate hardiness, less than Jupiter and likely similar to Neptune.

Comments - Excellent resistant to fruit cracking during summer rains with exceptionally thin skin; provides for a later-season, neutral flavored grape for local markets. Negative aspects include very tight clusters and occasional winter injury.


Patent Information:
App Type Country Serial No. Patent No. File Date Issued Date Expire Date
Plant United States 13/987,496 PP25,746 7/31/2013 7/28/2015 1/25/2034
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