Blackberry - Chickasaw



Type - Thorny, erect.

Date of Release - 1998

Fruit Size - Large, averaging 10 to 11 grams/berry.

Flavor/Sweetness - Good, rated between that of Shawnee and Choctaw; soluble solids (percent sugar) averages 9.6 percent.

Yield - High yields, surpassing all other cultivars in some research plantings.

Maturity Date - Ripens beginning approximately June 10 at Clarksville, Arkansas, and fruiting extends for five to six weeks. Ripening season is near that of Shawnee.

Disease Resistance - Not tested for resistance to double blossom/rosette but not expected to be resistant; no orange rust observed; slight anthracnose observed in one year on early-ripening berries.

Comments - Storage and handling potential exceeds that of Shawnee, the cultivar that Chickasaw is intended to replace; hardiness similar to Shawnee in research trials; root cutting sprouting and propagation potential good.

Patent Information:
App Type Country Serial No. Patent No. File Date Issued Date Expire Date
Plant United States 09/228,498 PP11,861 1/11/1999 5/8/2001 10/13/2019
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