Blackberry - Natchez


Natchez - Blackberry

Type - Thornless, erect to semi-erect.

Date of Release - 2007

Fruit Size - Large, average 8 to 9 g/berry; comparable to Apache and larger than Arapaho, Ouachita, and Navaho.

Flavor/Sweetness - Good, rated comparable to Arapaho; soluble solids (percent sugar) averages 9.5%.

Yield - Yields twice that of Arapaho in research trials; comparable to Ouachita and Apache.

Maturity Date - Ripens beginning approximately June 3 at Clarksville, Arkansas. Ripening season comparable to Arapaho and earlier than Ouachita and Apache.

Disease Resistance - No substantial common diseases observed; no orange rust observed; very limited fruit anthracnose observed; no double blossom/rosette observed.

Comments - Fruit storage and handling potential very good, usually exceeding Arapaho and comparable to other Arkansas thornless cultivars; very high percent root sprouting observed.


Patent Information:
App Type Country Serial No. Patent No. File Date Issued Date Expire Date
Plant United States 12/152,524 PP20,891 5/15/2008 3/30/2010 6/19/2028
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