Blackberry - Prime-Jim, (APF-12) Trademark registration # 76/558901


Prime-Jim® Primocane

Type - Primocane-fruiting; thorny, erect.

Date of Release - 2004

Fruit Size - Floricane fruit average 5 g; primocane fruit vary by location grown, from 3 to 10 g in various trials.

Flavor/Sweetness - Good, similar to other thorny varieties; soluble solids (percent sugar) averages 8%.

Yield - Floricane yields comparable to floricane-fruiting thorny and thornless varieties such as Apache and Ouachita; exceeds Arapaho in floricane yield. Primocane yields vary greatly by location, from very high in the Willamette Valley of Oregon to very low at Hope, Arkansas.

Maturity Date - Floricane fruit ripens beginning approximately June 3 at Clarksville, Arkansas, and fruiting extends for about four weeks. Floricane ripening season is near that of Arapaho. Primocane fruit begins ripening approximately July 17 at Clarksville and Sept. 1 in Oregon. Primocane fruiting can continue until frost depending on summer and fall temperatures. Fruit development to maturity may not be completed in more northern areas of the U.S.

Disease Resistance - Floricanes susceptible to double blossom/rosette, but primocanes avoid this disease since the disease does not appear until the second season on the canes. No orange rust observed and only slight anthracnose observed.

Comments - Recommended only for home garden use and very limited commercial trial. Not recommended for storage nor shipping. Hardiness similar to other Arkansas thorny varieties. Summer temperatures above 85F can greatly reduce fruit set, size and quality on primocanes; this results in substantial reductions in yield and quality of fruits in areas with this temperature range in late summer and fall. Seed size small, ave. 2.1 mg/seed.

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Plant United States 10/815,437 PP16,989 3/30/2004 8/15/2006 3/30/2024
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