Iodinated Casein and Nutrient In Ovo Injection in Turkey and Chicken Eggs


Since turkey poults have a wide hatching window, many poults are subjected to conditions that lead to reduced early growth and a compromised immune system. Poor poult quality represents a severe inefficiency in production and a major loss to the industry.


Scientists at the University of Arkansas Poultry Center of Excellence have invented a novel combination of naturally occurring compounds which stimulates growth and development presumably as a thyroid hormone mimetic or analog when injected into turkey eggs around 25 days of embryonic development. Preliminary studies demonstrate the effectiveness of the invention for improved hatchability and improved weights at hatch. The inventors also feel that while the mechanism(s) are largely unknown, it is reasonable to assume that this technology may well improve hatchability and/or performance in the table egg industry (layer industry) and in broiler breeders (meat type chickens – broiler industry).

Patent Information:
App Type Country Serial No. Patent No. File Date Issued Date Expire Date
PCT United States PCT/US11/43558 7/11/2011    
Nationalized United States 13/809,450 1/10/2013    
Nationalized Europe 11807349.3   2/8/2013    
Animal Agriculture
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Bryan Renk
Associate Director for Technology Commercialization
University of Arkansas TCO
Billy Hargis
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